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Jiangsu Zhongbang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Jiangsu Zhongbang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. has been founded in 2001. As a high-tech enterprise, Zhongbang focuses on developing and producing pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs and finished products. The registered capital of Zhongbang is $1.26 billion and total area is 100,000 square metres. After a rapid growth in its business during recent years, Zhongbang has 3 subsidiary companies.

Zhongbang concentrates on the production technique of proton pump inhibitors “Prazole”, anti-hypertension “Sartan” and anticoagulants “Xaban” for more than 15 years. Now Zhongbang owns the complete industry chain from intermediate to API and finished products.

Zhongbang has been the leader of cGMP implementation in China. All products have been approved by NMPA of China. Telmisartan API passed the official on-site audit by PMDA(Japan) and MFDS (South Korea). Telmisartan and Esomeprazole also received CEP and WC.


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Relying on the advantages of the pyridine industry chain of Red Sun Group, Zhongbang Pharmaceutical has unique starting materials and cost advantages in the field of pazole APIs and intermediates. Zhongbang Pharmaceutical also has its own expertise in the field of sartan products.

Zhongbang can provide customers high quality products with the latest specifications of CP, USP, EP, etc.


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