Zhongbang is Awarded Demonstration Enterprise for Safety Production 


On January 2022Zhongban is awarded as "2021 Safety Production Demonstration Enterprise" by Gaochun District Work Safety Committee.

In the past year, Zhongbang has carried out a series of safety production activities, always adhering to the "red line" awareness and bottom line thinking of safety, strictly deploying management in accordance with various requirements, steadily advancing production tasks, seeking truth, pragmatism, and cohesion, maintaining the safety and controllability of production personnel and mechanical equipment. There have been no production safety, occupational health, and environmental responsibility accidents throughout the year.

Zhongbang will take this honor as an opportunity to comprehensively improve the level of safety production management, deepen risk management, increase supervision and inspection efforts, strengthen the responsibility system for safety production, create a good atmosphere for safety production work, and resolutely prevent and curb the occurrence of various safety accidents.